Shaughnessy Community Center

Kerrisdale Community Centre

5851 West Blvd,
 Vancouver, BC V6M 3W9


The Kerrisdale Community Centre serves the Vancouver area and has a central location in the hub of Kerrisdale. This is located to the southwest corner of Shaughnessy. The center has been upgraded over the years and has many amenities.

The Kerrisdale Community Centre includes the following facilities.

  • Vancouver Public Library
  • Pool
  • Fitness Center
  • Playground
  • Seniors Centre

The Kerrisdale Community Center Society (KCCS) is operated in co-operation with the Vancouver Parks Board.

Kerrisdale Pool

5851 West Boulevard,
 Vancouver, BC V6M 3W9


Kerrisdale Pool is an indoor pool located in the Kerrisdale Community Centre.

Kerrisdale Cyclone Taylor Arena

5670 East Blvd, 
Vancouver, BC V6M 3Y2


The Cyclone Taylor arena is located on the south west corner of Shaughnessy in the Kerrisdale neighborhood. The center operates public and private skating programs. This includes skating lessons, public skating times, and rentals. During the summer the ice is removed and it is turned into a giant indoor play place.

Douglas Park Community Center

801 West 22nd Ave, 
Vancouver, BC V5Z 1Z8


The Douglas Park Community Center located to the West of Shaughnessy has a large number of programs and amenities for all age groups. Some of these include: pottery studios, exercise rooms, play areas, and a wading pool in summertime.

The Douglas Park Community Centre also includes the following facilities.

  • Childcare
  • Tennis courts
  • Teen/youth centre
  • Playground
  • Pottery studio
  • Tapestry community rooms
  • Free public WiFi

The Douglas Park Community Center is operated in co-operation with the Vancouver Parks Board.