5 Tips for Budgeting your Move

Budget your move from Shaughnessy Real Estate with these 5 tips

Moving is stressful, we know. This is exactly why you don’t need the burden of additional expenses on top of the typical ones associated with relocation. By identifying essential items and outlining their costs, you’ll be able to cut down significantly, leaving more for rainy days – which we all know how important it is here in Vancouver! To start off with your move from Shaughnessy real estate, ask yourself these 5 questions and follow our recommendations.

Question 1: How far is your new home?

If your new nest is a long distance away, consider hiring professional movers. Moving yourself can be cost-efficient, but only applies to short distances due to the associated costs incurred in long-distance moves, such as hotel rooms, refreshments for helpers, and insurance coverage. Most importantly, having professionals will expedite your move, returning you back to work sooner, thereby offsetting the costs.

Question 2: When is the big day?

Moving affects the whole family. If your have children, consider placing them in the care of relatives so as not to disrupt their school schedules. Check with moving companies and get quotes on different days to get the lowest costs on off-peak days. Make sure to check the weather ahead of time so as to maximize the daylight hours and avoid drowning your valuables, both of which can result in money loss, not to mention massive headaches afterwards.

Question 3: Which packing essentials do you need?

It is often the little things that add up when you move. Essentials such as tapes, boxes, packing materials, and padding can all add up to a huge bill before you notice. If you did not save the packing essentials from a previous move, ask around to see if you can borrow before dashing out to your local store. Also, consider investing in some durable items, such as plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes that can be reused permanently as well as ropes to tie things together. This can save you costs on tapes and bubble wraps too, both of which one-time items.

Question 4: Do you really need everything (in your new place)?

Things can accumulate after you’ve been at a place for a long time. While some have sentimental values, most often they are junk that can be discarded or donated. If you are looking to make some quick bucks, holding a garage/yard sale can be an option. For the larger furniture that you would like to keep but don’t have room for, consider renting a storage unit. If they are valuable, this could cut down on the costs of furniture insurance in the long run as well.

Question 5: What will you do for meals?

This is one of the most neglected and also costly concerns during relocation. For convenience, people often eat out in the days and even weeks before, during and after a move. The costs can quickly snowball into a hefty sum. To avoid making a larger dent in your pocket, it would be helpful to prepare large meals that can be divided into portions and frozen, such as chili, pasta, and stew. The meals can quickly be made ready by microwaving. To avoid the hassles of washing dishes and plates afterwards, consider storing them in large pots and using compostable utensils.

You can keep a little more in your pockets by drafting a detailed budget before the big day. We hope that these five quick, simple questions will be able to help you cut down some of the associated costs of relocation.  If you are ever in need of services for finding great homes in Shaughnessy real estate, please contact us.

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