5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Shaughnessy Home

Tips for Spring cleaning your Shaughnessy home

Now that spring is finally here, we’re starting to see people enjoying the beaches, walking the sea wall and preparing their boats. Whether you’re enjoying the beauty of the seawall, playing a game of basketball, or getting ready for your next cleaning project – spring’s here to stay. We all know that spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, so why not bring that same philosophy into the household? This month, we wanted to help kick start your home cleaning the right way and offer 5 tips for cleaning your Shaughnessy home.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

Make a Master Plan
Understanding the tasks and the order they need to completed in for each room will help you manage your cleaning project.  Once you have all the tasks written down you can break them up and execute the tasks by group. For instance, if you have just finished scrubbing the laundry room sink, you can also scrub the bathroom and kitchen sink, since you’re already set up to that specific task. This will shorten your prep time and help you make progress in more rooms than just one.

De-Clutter and Donate
One step on your master plan should be to make a trip to your local thrift store or consignment store. We all have a few items in our closets that don’t receive the same love they once did and it may be time to get rid of them. The same goes for old appliances and those famous gifts you receive on Christmas that just end up collecting dust in the basement.

Make Essential Preparations
Before you run out and purchase different cleaners for every type of job, opt for a cleaner that can work on every surface. Try to choose a cleaner that is environmentally friendly and gentle on skin. It’s also a good idea to make sure all cleaning appliances and needed tools are in working order. Nothing’s worse than starting a cleaning job only to find out that the one tool you need is broken or missing a part. Avoid this headache by planning ahead and by adding a step for a routine check up on your master plan.

Start with Light Cleaning
By starting off with the lighter jobs like dusting your bookshelves; you’ll save time on rinsing your cloths every 30 seconds. When cleaning the cleanest spots first you prevent your cloth from getting dirty right away. You can work your way up to the dirtiest jobs later as your cloths and dusters become dirtier.

Save the Heavy Lifting for Last
A sure way to conserve energy and help you push through an entire day of cleaning is to save the big and dirty jobs for last. Tackling jobs that require a lot of scrubbing early in the day can tire you out which could lead to fatigue and improper cleaning on following tasks. By conserving your energy you’ll be able to finish big and with enough strength to scrub until your satisfied.

We hope you find the following tips helpful while cleaning your Shaughnessy home. If you have any questions about the Shaughnessy real estate market please feel free to contact us.