7 Home Staging Tips for Shaughnessy Real Estate

Stage your Shaughnessy Home with these 7 lucky tips
While working with Shaughnessy real estate we see a lot of beautiful homes. But when selling a home it needs to look its best for the buyer not for the seller. This way of thinking often gets overlooked by sellers and it can result in long waits and a lower selling price.

We wanted to offer some home staging tips to help you get in the mind of selling your home, so you can get the best value.

7 Home Staging Tips

1. Curb Appeal – Take a walk around the perimeter of your home and make sure that the path is clear of any toys or yard and gardening tools. Make sure that the drive way is clean and clear as well as your yard. Ensure your lawn is well kept as well as the trees and any plants in your yard. Adding flower beds or planters to your yard can also enhance the curb appeal of your home.

2. Create Space – When a buyer comes into a home they want to see space not furniture. When preparing to sell your home take a walk around the rooms of your home and take note of the essentials. Donate or sell unnecessary furniture and belongings to de-clutter your rooms and add more space to your home. Getting rid of stuff can be a daunting and long process so it’s best to start this as early as you can.

3. Clean and Repair – Ensure that everything in your home is clean and functioning. This includes making sure that all appliances work properly and are in good condition. Take a walk around your home and ask yourself if a room needs to be repainted. Check to see if there are any chips or holes in the walls that need to be fixed. Make sure all surfaces are clean and bookshelves are tidy and organized.

4.  Upgrade – If you’re trying to decide whether or not you should  replace that old dishwasher or that old fridge – the answer is yes. Installing new appliances can really help pique a buyer’s interest. This can also include upgrading furniture by buying a new throw or some decorative pillows. Repainting a room is also one of the most economical ways to spruce up a room.

5. Lighting – Lighting can go a far way when trying to make your Shuaghnessy home looks its best. Ensure your windows are clean and that your curtains or blinds are opened during showings.

6. Depersonalize – Buyers want imagine themselves in your home and want to see space not family photos and personal belongings. Try to eliminate personal and sentimental belongings from your home decor while in  the home staging phase. Try to make the home look as neutral and welcoming as possible.

7. Plants and Air Quality – Adding plants to your decor and improving the air quality can also make  the viewing experience more enjoyable for the buyer. You can try lighting a neutrally scented candle and opening a few windows to let in that spring breeze during the viewing to enhance the air quality.

We hope that these tips help to sell your Shaughnessy home for its best value. If you would like assistance from our real estate team then please contact us and we’ll be sure to get the best value for your home together.