Before Moving into Your Luxury Vancouver Home

new home

You have just purchased your new luxury Vancouver home. It is an exciting time; you are moving into one of the hottest destinations in North America. The Vancouver area is welcoming, exciting and offers everything a young executive or family could want. However, you should not rush to get those boxes stacked up and unpacked. There are a few important steps to take before you set up shop in your new digs.

Change the Locks

Sure the old owners turned over the keys to your new place during closing, but are you sure you got all of the keys? Who knows whether or not they had friends or relatives who also had spare keys to the building? Nobody wants to think ill of another, and it is likely that the old owners were good people. Still, why take the risk? It is always a good idea to have the locks changed when you are preparing to move into a new house.


Get your utilities transferred as soon as possible. This includes not just gas, water, sewage and electricity, but also utilities such as phone service and Internet. By taking care of this in advance, everything will be up and running smoothly when you settle into the new home.

Perfect Prep

The best time to handle the messy prep work is while the home is empty. This is when you bring in the painters, interior designers and remodelers to take care of everything. You do not want to be dealing with scraping down the popcorn ceiling after you install new carpet or put in your sofa.

If you have hardwood floors, it is much easier to refinish them before furniture is laid down. Painting the walls is messy business; get it handled while you have a blank slate.

Change the Outlets

Many people forget this one. Bring in an electrician and have every electrical outlet in your home checked and updated to a brand new outlet. This will not only make sure that everything is in good working order but can avoid disasters like fires.

Fire Safety

Speaking of fires, make sure that every fire extinguisher in the home is charged and in good working order. Check existing fire alarms or install new ones. Make sure the batteries are fresh and that these are all working properly. It may not be a bad idea to upgrade or install carbon monoxide or radon detectors as well. A little bit of extra security goes a long way.

By making sure that your new home is in perfect order before you move the furniture and belongings, you are giving yourself peace of mind. A few simple basics can lead to many years of comfort and happiness in your Vancouver luxury home. Shaughnessy Real Estate is here to help you find the home of your dreams. Give us a call to start your search today!