Five Beginner Tips for Decorating Your Home

Decorate your Shaughnessy home

Our home should be a warm haven where we feel safe, comfortable, and happy. Each place in our home holds a special place in our heart, and so it is natural that we want every inch of it to reflect our unique personal tastes. Decorating our homes can be a strenuous yet also highly rewarding process. To help you in this endeavour, we hope that you will consider using the following beginner tips as a start.

How to Decorate your Shaughnessy Home

Tip 1: Formulate a master plan
Before you start putting up wall papers or tearing out the floors, you should have the layout of your house on paper and consult each member of your family of their needs and wants. Taking the time to create a plan first will also save you time and money in the long run. Once you start the decorating frenzy, it will be hard not to get caught up in the moment and make rash decisions. Therefore, having a plan to fall back on will help you stay on track.

Tip 2: Make a budget
After you have made up your master plan, your next step will be to plan out your budget. Assess how much money you have to work with as well as consider the additional expenditures that may arise here and there. Browsing the local stores and reviewing the price tags on the things you may wish to purchase will be tremendously helpful in helping you account for the costs that come with beautifying a home.

Tip 3: Stay versatile
New designs can clash with the style of the old room. Yet, no matter how homely, your old room should have at least one merit that contributed to its long stay in your house. Learning how to integrate your new ideas with the strength(s) of the existing room will try your own genius and also help cut down costs. The fun of combining the old with the new will be more enjoyable once you put a little brain effort in as well.

Tip 4: Combine beauty and practicality
We all want our home to be pleasing to the eye, but to make it livable, we must maintain its function as well. Do you have ample space in the entertainment room for comfy sofas? Are the cabinets in the kitchen big enough to store all of your goods? Learning how to combine form and function will make your living space substantially more valuable and enjoyable for your entire family in the many happy years to come.

Tip 5: Do it yourself
Many people feel daunted by the big projects looming ahead when it comes to home decorating. However, many re-decorating projects are actually quite easy and can be accomplished without professional skills. For example, repainting the walls and putting up new wallpaper require only steady hands and an eye for even texture/patterns. If you are hesitant about tackling the projects by yourself, you can also ask for help from your local home depot stores.

Re-decorating your home is a wonderful project that can be made more enjoyable with the right mindset and approach. We hope that the above mentioned tips will help you get started on giving your home a new breathe of life. If you are undertaking this project to help boost the sale price of your real estate, we want to assist you in the next step of selling. Please contact our Shaughnessy real estate team for more information on how to price your newly-designed home for the best value on the market.

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