Four Ways to Reach Millennial Buyers When You Sell Your Home

interior of living room

Millennials may have a reputation for renting, but with some smart strategies you can convince them that a home or condo purchase would be a better idea. The fact is that many Millennials are currently finding their place in the world with well-paying jobs.

Once you get down to brass tacks, today’s younger generations are just as concerned about things like equity as anyone else. With some strategic marketing and clever listing techniques you can make sure to effectively reach the younger crowd.

Find the Best Angle for Selling Your Home

This tact should be taken both figuratively and literally. Millennials have a penchant for quick decisions that are sullied by first impressions. In the metaphorical sense of “best angle”, you will have to work out a key amenity or feature that would make your home desirable.

Whether its a spacious living room ideal for entertaining, hardwood floor that looks great with minimal maintenance or a “hip” neighborhood with lots of unique shops, find your home’s best selling point and hammer it home on your listings and during tours.

In the literal sense, you will need to find a way to photograph your home as attractively as possible. Image is everything to the young and up-and-coming; so flatter your home with well-framed pictures that grab interest.

Looking Great Online is Key

The biggest reason that photos make a huge difference to millennials is because they will likely be searching online. Place listing ads in as many visible places as possible online, and make sure your description and photos stand out.

Go Minimalistic

Modern designs are clean, efficient and low-profile. However, you will not have to hire a modern architect or replace all your belongings with IKEA furniture to stage your home well. Instead, cut down on as much clutter as possible.

Millennial homebuyers have become accustomed to seeing the most basic elements showcased without any distractions. Pare your belongings down to a bare minimum when photographing or showing your home. Remember that your are selling the space of your home instead of the furnishings.

Emphasize Any Green Features

The modern generations have become far more environmentally conscious than their predecessors. Use this fact to your advantage by pointing out anything that could be considered environmentally friendly. Large windows, good insulation and eco-friendly materials like bamboo all resonate well with a crowd that is concerned about the future of our planet.

Using these selling points can significantly help you pitch your home to millennials. For more advice on selling your Shaughnessy real estate property to a wide array of demographics, take a look at our selling page.