Home Renovation Tips

Home renovations present an exciting and challenging opportunity for you to transform your house into the home of your dreams. Even quick facelifts or touch-ups can be used as ways to make significant changes. Whether you’re looking to give your home a more personalized feel, some final finishing touches or are preparing to put it on the market, home renovation is the way to achieve these goals.

Any type of home renovation is a great investment for your house. Here are a few tips to get your renovations started off on the right foot.

Do Your Homework

Before starting any type of renovation, make sure you have done your homework. Make sure that you have a timeline and that all steps are planned out in a logical and practical way. It may seem trivial and obvious, but costs and headaches can quickly add up. With poor foresight, you may be surprised by how quickly a small project can balloon into a five week epic journey.

Stick to the Program

Once you have thoroughly planned out each step, try to stick to the program. Do not change your mind too much, as this can create major delays, which leads to higher costs. When it comes to renovation materials, we advise you not to purchase your own. Contractors will always get a better price on materials than you will. Work out the expenses before starting the job, and get all costs itemized.

That being said, it is highly recommended that you work with a contingency fund as additional and unforeseeable costs may come up. This emergency fund will help alleviate stress on your part and create more flexibility in the project.

Avoid Distractions

While the renovations are going on, keep all children and pets away from the project. They can be a distraction or a safety issue, and will only prolong the process. And while we are on the subject, make sure that you yourself are not a distraction to the completion of your home renovations. Let the contractor work. If they have to explain each step to you, they are not working. Allow the project to unfold and progress. You are certainly encouraged to check in from time to time or to ask the contractor to come to you with updates, but don’t continuously interrupt the process.

Renovations can be costly, lengthy and disruptive, which is why it is essential to fully think through all aspects of the project and be prepared. By following these tips you can make your home renovation projects less stressful and more efficient. Whether the improvements made are big or small, there is no doubt that your home will have added value.

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