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Four Ways to Reach Millennial Buyers When You Sell Your Home

interior of living room

Millennials may have a reputation for renting, but with some smart strategies you can convince them that a home or condo purchase would be a better idea. The fact is that many Millennials are currently finding their place in the world with well-paying jobs.

Once you get down to brass tacks, today’s younger generations are just as concerned about things like equity as anyone else. With some strategic marketing and clever listing techniques you can make sure to effectively reach the younger crowd.
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5 Spring Cleaning Tips for your Shaughnessy Home

Tips for Spring cleaning your Shaughnessy home

Now that spring is finally here, we’re starting to see people enjoying the beaches, walking the sea wall and preparing their boats. Whether you’re enjoying the beauty of the seawall, playing a game of basketball, or getting ready for your next cleaning project – spring’s here to stay. We all know that spring is the season of renewal and rebirth, so why not bring that same philosophy into the household? This month, we wanted to help kick start your home cleaning the right way and offer 5 tips for cleaning your Shaughnessy home.

5 Tips for Spring Cleaning

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